Interested in becoming an affiliate? Become a partner of cmi Media Inc. and start monetizing your website traffic today!

Specializing in acquiring media and specialized content for consumer traffic, we offer lead solutions for our clients in order to turn an ROI with etiquette and business acumen second to none.

We are looking for quality leads in volume from partners who can deliver Canadian traffic. These leads need to be customers looking specifically for an auto loan and are in need of financing. As a partner, we will provide you with all assets and content you will need to market our program.

When it comes to purchasing a new or used car, truck, SUV or minivan – regardless of credit history – a consumer will not find a more convenient website with content rich engagement to solidify the authenticity of both our company and our offer.

We provide outstanding service and offer a prominent site for Canadians to turn to when requiring quick and hassle free financing of a vehicle regardless of their financial state. We connect our automotive dealer network with consumers in order to get them into the vehicles that are right for them at the best possible rate so they can drive away happy.

If you would like to pursue sending traffic for lead generation on a cost per lead model, please contact us to learn more of how we can help you earn revenue.

We offer a 1 page application that is simple, fast, and secure — auto financing for any type of credit situation.

Traffic Types We Allow:
Display, Contextual, Search, Social Media, Thank you pages, Newsletter, Interstitial and Mobile

Traffic Types That Require Prior Approval:
Promo Paths, Offer Walls, App Distribution, Engagement Ads, User-Based Browser Enabled Ads, and Other Types

Traffic Types NOT Allowed:
Email, Incentivized Visitor Traffic, Co-Registration, Fraud, Forums, Spyware or Cookies. Misleading links or other fraudulent practices is prohibited, marketing and advertising on websites that contain adult content, promote discrimination, or engage in any illegal or malicious activities is also prohibited. The parent company maintains a “zero tolerance” policy regarding Unsolicited Commercial Electronic and Non-Electronic Messaging in all campaigns directly related to its properties. Any partner that violates or does not comply with the program terms will be solely responsible without exception for indemnification including all legal action for any violation in accordance to the above.

Lead Return Policy for all Partners:
All leads must maintain all of the following criteria in order to be accepted as a valid lead by a dealership, and therefore, for a partner to be paid for the said lead.
  • an accurate point of contact as per the application data
  • an accurate telephone number
  • the applicant must be a legal resident of Canada
  • the applicant must be at the age of majority in the province of residence
  • the applicant must have a valid driver’s license
  • the applicant must earn a minimum of $1,800/month provable working income for a minimum of 90 days. Government assisted financial support programs do not qualify as working income.

Income verification will be required when contacted by a credit specialist, so the consumer will need to provide pay stubs or bank statements to obtain a loan.

Identity verification conditions apply.

If you wish to proceed, fill out the application form below. You will be notified within 1 – 5 business days.

Please note that if we pursue moving forward with your application, all partners are required to sign our Affiliate Partner Management Agreement before they are accepted. This contract will be required to be signed exactly as presented upon application acceptance and will not be altered in any way.

We look forward to sharing in our success and working with you as a partner.

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