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Consumer car loan leads.
cmi Media Inc. is a trusted sub-prime automotive finance lead provider.

Consumer car loan leads from a trusted sub-prime automotive finance lead provider.

In a nutshell, we connect your dealership to engaged Canadian and U.S.A. car buyers who are in the market to acquire a vehicle, are actively searching for auto financing, but have not been able to secure a loan with a bank as a result of financial or credit challenges they face. We have helped thousands of prospective automotive buyers, because our process is easy and efficient. They apply with us and we connect them to you. we shorten the sales cycle so that you can concentrate on generating loan approvals and delivering more cars to yield greater revenues.

Our number one goal is to provide every one of our customers access to a new ride of their choice, regardless of their current financial situation, while at the same time, helping them rebuild their credit, with consistent payments in a timely manner, raising their credit score.

If you are a dealership that has a wide range of lending resources, a large inventory, and finance specialists that work with consumers who have good, bad and damaged credit, these leads will work well towards an ROI.

However, lead generation solutions will only yield successful results if the appropriate initiatives are in place to value the relationship upon its inception. This means it is real easy to make a payment for lead generation to attract new customers, but the ultimately more important task of nourishing the lead provided gets a lower glamour rating.

Understand clearly, that if your team is currently set up only to take a lead, make a call, send an email and then wait and or move on, we are not your partner and you should not acquire our leads. This is not bombastic but the reality of developing a vision and laying the seeds for continued success.

It does not make sense for a dealership to invest in attracting the customer then failing to match that effort with the genuine follow through that creates the long-term relationship. It is our brand, reputation and goodwill at stake, and believe it when we say, we actually do hear back from the consumers, who reach out to us on our website, splash page or any partner or affiliate we work with.

In as much as a dealership principal is looking for a legitimate lead generator, we are in a position of only working with dealerships that maintain our mandate and business etiquette in handling of a lead. Simply put, we actually care and give a damn.

We continuously remind our clients that loyalty marketing will yield a strong customer relationship – as it is vital for both short term growth and long term success.

The key is to engage the customer and reward their permission to contact. Offering a consistently vivid experience with your brand is something a competitor cannot match. With a well-orchestrated program to cultivate business, the result will be an increase in consumer loan satisfaction, conversion and retention – and the prospects for a positive relationship with customers and ROI will soar.

Know this;

  • All of our leads are exclusive to one buyer only and not sold multiple times. This is very important for you to know and critical in your decision to move forward with our company. We are very well aware that within the auto finance lead generation business, lead generators resell car finance leads on the open market, multiple times, prior to and after 30 days of your receipt of the lead. In this fashion, they can certainly undersell our lead price because they are getting greater dollar value for each lead being sold multiple times. Our price points on leads represent the sale of your lead, exclusively, one time only to your dealership – that’s it. Not sold again. There is residual value to the leads provided, and that value, belongs to the dealership and not our company to earn any more revenue in further resale of the lead. Consider this when making a decision to acquire leads. That is how we conduct ourselves and our clients appreciate this, and reward us, with their business. So it’s win-win.
  • You may geo-target by Postal/ZIP code or city within a KM/Mile radius of your choice.
  • You may choose the day of week option of lead forwarding that is your preference.
  • You are not under any contract with us other than the prepayment for the current order.
  • All payment is made in advance of any lead forwarding without any exceptions.

If our service offer is in accordance to your goals, and the infrastructure of your dealership sub-prime program is in place to properly work the leads to your benefit, you are welcome to contact us to establish a conversation about acquiring automotive loan leads and a custom package that works for you within your parameters, with availability of lead inventory in your region of choice.

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