In order to proceed with auto financing….
Identity and income verification will be required when contacted by credit specialist.

In Order To Qualify
Applying is absolutely free with no obligation – takes just 1-2 minutes.
To proceed, in order to qualify for financing, certain restrictions must be met in order to facilitate lenders requirements:

• You must be a legal resident of Canada for Canadian financing and a resident of the USA for USA financing
• You must be the age of majority in the province/state you reside
• You must have a valid driver’s license; there are no exceptions
• You must provide accurate contact information including an accurate telephone number. Upon contact from a credit specialist, identity verification conditions will apply in order to proceed with financing. Additionally, income verification will be required, so you will need to provide pay stubs or bank statements in order to obtain a loan, otherwise you should not proceed.
• You must be employed for a minimum of 90 days and earn $2,000/month verified working income. Unfortunately, any government assisted financial support program does not qualify as working income